Rifle Hunting

Hunting in the African Bush on foot and stalking your chosen prey at close range will be an unforgettable memory and experience. A fair chase and quality game is what will distinguish your safari with us. Roche Safaris strives for excellence and we endeavor to make your trip a once in a lifetime experience..

Roche recommends hunting plains game in Africa with a minimum of a 30. caliber rifle and for dangerous game nothing smaller than a 375 caliber rifle.

Due to the nature of the African animals being hunted we recommend only the best premium ammunition such as Barnes X. We also encourage new clients to study the shot placements on these animals so they will be prepared when starting the hunt.

Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting is mainly done from permanent hide-outs set at waterholes and paths frequented by animals and constantly monitored by trial cameras.

We recommend a fast and quiet bow of 50lbs upwards for plains game which are mainly hunted with a crossbow and fixed blade broad-heads. Dangerous game will require a minimum 80lbs and heavier bow. It is important to study the shot placements (featured below) of each specie you intend to hunt beforehand for optimal success.

Feel free to bring both your rifle and bow on your trip. There will be ample opportunity to utilize both weapons.

For more information regarding planning a hunting trip to South Africa please have a look below at our general information provided in printable PDF format. Complete and submit the rifle permits for your weapons in advance to avoid any inconvenience with the authorities.